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Support Your Local Football Team!

When I design a new weaving project I take a lot of things into consideration,

  1. pattern
  2. color combinations
  3. theme inspiration
  4. materials
  5. end use of the band

In this project I chose the colors of the Baltimore Ravens. Black and Purple. Since it was not meant to be used for historical reenactment I used a modern, good quality acrylic yarn. Yes, it is possible to find good quality acrylic yarn. Like any other material you get what you pay for. This yarn won’t pill or fuzz up, and is machine washable and dryable. The original plan was to make a dog leash from this length but it was purchased by a patron as a raw length of band. Ah well, I’ll just have to make another one!

I can make bands in what ever team colors you like, be it professional sports, high school sports or local teams. Drop me a line and let me weave a project for you! Contact me at martelvonc@yahoo.com for more details.