LOOK OUT! Project coming through!

I tend to go through serious creative swings. I go for a few weeks and nothing new is produced then all of sudden for two weeks straight I make ALL THE THINGS. It’s good for UFO basket as I try to channel these bursts of energy into things that are only 1/2 done. I feel better afterwards, kind of like the end of a scary ride or a big test.

I’m not sure how I came to be like this but it is what it is in my creative life now. I go with the flow. Unfortunately it would be more helpful if I could keep myself on track long enough to get things done AHEAD. I meet deadlines in an appropriate manner but only in a rush. I assure you this is not the way to do things. This kind of careening about from project to project seems to suck my fresh ideas out of my head.

Be kind to your artistic self. Slow down and enjoy the process. Your work will benefit from the freedom.