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Creamsicle Scarf Yarn: But That’s Not For Weaving! Is it?

I’m asked pretty regularly –  “What kind of yarn do you like to weave with?”

I reply “It depends on the project”. If the project is a custom commission I will offer my advice for suggested weights, fibers etc. but for the most part I will weave with what ever the client wants. When I weave for my shop I like to try new yarns all the time.  So a lot goes into deciding what type of yarn I’m going to use:

What will the project be used for?

What colors does the client want?

What does the client prefer in garment care?

Does the client have any sensitivities to certain fibers?

What is the client’s project budget?

When weaving for yourself though, you shouldn’t let tradition hold you back from being creative in your weaving. You can use cut up grocery bags, or cut up colored t-shirts, try knitting yarn or traditional weaving yarn. Try sewing thread for warp!  If it looks good, weave with it!

This scarf I made for my daughter, with yarn she purchased, is hand dyed orange & creme variegated superwash wool sock yarn as the warp and a creme wool of the same weight for the weft.