What are we doing today Brain? Taking over the color world!

People ask me where I get the ideas for my designs?

As a fiber and textile artist I am constantly looking around me for ideas in the things, colors, shapes, trends that can inspire me. There is no one place I go to for ideas. Everything I see is an opportunity for a new color pallet to recreate in my work.

One way I work through ideas is to cut out images and tape them to a sheet of note book paper. This isolates the image so that I pick out the colors, shapes, and designs on graph paper with colored pencils. Another way is to pull yarn from my collection and wind it around a ruler to see the colors side by side in simple striped patterns. Very rarely is it random or thrown together. Any way that sparks your imagination is one that is good.

I also purchase yarn & fiber color cards from the big mail order houses like Halcyon Yarns or The Woolery. A color card has a sample piece of every color in a particular yarn’s line. It lets me see exactly what a yarn will looks like in my hand. When you don’t live near to a large fiber store color cards let you see it all so that you can choose and not guess.

Inspiration is all around if we only open our eyes and be receptive to the possibilities.

Some links: You can also search for “Weaving Yarn” for a shop local to you.

Halcyon Yarns

The Woolery