Inkle Weaving, Not just for Hippies Anymore.

I got to thinking about inkle weaving. It’s a thing from my childhood in garish colors that decorated all sorts of “cool” people and their clothes. Now a days inkle weaving is back as a great gateway to the world of weaving. Easy to learn and most any yarn or string can me used.  As all things from the time period we have better materials than the 60’s and a new modern appreciation of colors schemes and patterns. There is even a great pattern generator online here at The Carolingian Realm. You can make your own but there are a world of weavers like me who will do the work for you. Great colors that can match any need you have. Check out my gallery above and drop me a line or visit my Etsy Shop.DSC_0001 DSC_0010 12418031_10207387985532143_3647196019444834061_n 12243416_10206994663859347_4984300274305057740_nDSC_0008