How to Make a Homemade Niddy Noddy.

When you are a weaver and fiber arts person the tools can add up pretty quickly. Many are very expensive. It’s nice to find a solution for one tool that is inexpensive and easy to make yourself.

This tool is a Niddy Noddy. It’s a rather strange looking offset bar tool to collect yarn that has just been spun into hanks. Once the yarn is in hanks it can be wound into balls by putting the hanks on a swift and then winding it into balls using a hand crank ball winder.

I reclaim yarn from sweaters for weaving, knitting and crocheting. While I unravel the yarn from the garment using a ball winder, I then wind the balls onto a niddy noddy so that I can wash the yarn to straighten it to get the manufacturing kinks out.

If want to make one for yourself visit “” for the instructions –

Homemade Niddy Noddy directions

These can be made into a variety of lengths depending on the size of hank you wish to make. The only change I would make is to LEAVE THE CAP OFF OF ONE of the posts so that you can slip the hank off of the NN. The cost making one is about $7.00 though your price may vary depending on where you get your PVC pipe and connectors.