Try a New Game this Holiday Season!

This time of year many of us are inspired to give hand made gifts. Be they food, or accessories, or ornaments, maybe games or toys. If you want to give something different but is fun, try researching games from periods in history! A great game that is easy to make with items found at the craft store is Gluckhaus. It’s a 16th Century German dice game played with a board, tokens, and a pair of dice. The tokens can be anything to mark the play, buttons, mini marshmallows etc. I made this board and it’s painted on a pre-cut wooden plaque and small wooden discs using acrylic paint.

I can custom make a set for you with your design ideas. A set similar in size to the one shown would be $35.00 with a fabric bag (or $40.00 – with a leather purse) and would also come with 25 tokens. Contact me for more information.

The rules can be found here –¬†